Diet recommendations while taking CMO™

Diet recommendations while taking CMO™

We make no dietary restriction suggestions. 

Things that don't work for everybody...
Healthcare professionals have published a variety of diet restrictions for the CMO protocol over the years.  We have come to learn most restrictions were successful because of certain food allergies causing a pH change in the digestive tract. Eliminating those foods corrected pH levels and lead to satisfaction with CMO.  Not realizing there was a food allergy, they thought it was some interaction between the CMO and food.

Unaware of the food allergies, mistakenly, healthcare workers thought their diet restriction would help everyone, so they shared these diets in publications and the internet.  Collectively, over the years, all these diet restrictions are extreme and would have you believe you shouldn't eat, wheat, corn, beans, rice, fatty meats, coffee, chocolate, spicy foods and etc.  Again, it was all just individual food allergies. 

Things that do work for everybody...
As per our suggested use, taking CMO on an empty stomach with water is a good way to help create a neutral pH level in the digestive tract so the fatty acids can be more easily absorbed.  We also found that the use of Coral Calcium for 1 month prior to starting CMO increases the chance of absorption due to its PH lowering properties. 


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