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Perfect Joint Health Maintenance After Taking CMO


Dr. Sands' Formula

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By special arrangement, we have both the CMO capsules and Ceraflex joint support tablets on sale!  Save 25% – 50% off the suggested retail price by using this online store.  There is a limited supply at this price so order now.

Support Structure & Function

About Ceraflex

Ceraflex is a joint support product formulated by Dr. Sands for daily
use. It’s the perfect follow up supplement after a course of CMO.

Contains glucosamine, calcium
and a low maintenance dose of CMO. With glucosamine providing nutrients for cartilage growth, calcium for your bones and the benefits of CMO fatty acids, it’s ideal for daily use as joint support after a course of CMO. This formula is truly ideal to support and maintain healthy structure and function of joints.

Authentic CMO From

Dr. Sands
& Son

Making CMO Since 1996

Making Authentic CMO Since 1996

Guaranteed Authentic CMO™


Order By Phone

941-876-6686 or 866-579-5846 (Toll Free)

Call our Florida offices and ask for the internet discount. Our order lines are open from 12pm to 5pm (EST), Mon - Fri. We will be glad to assist you and invite your calls and questions.

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"Originally I got CMO for myself. I was so satisfied, I became a distributor. I started feeling much better after the first CMO Kit... I really felt that all the weight was lifted off of me. My joints kept getting better and better."

Arthur P

"Then I happened
to hear this radio program – Mark Scott interviewing a medical researcher [Dr Sands] on WXYT in Detroit.  – Dr. Sands developed the CMO Kit ... I got excited!  Was this too good to be true or was it an answer to my prayers?  I decided I had everything to gain since my alternative looked so bleak.

How can I express the joy I now feel, heedlessly scrambling around on the floor with my new baby, or sitting cross-legged and bent over to play ..."

Renee R

“I took just one CMO Kit months ago and still feel fantastic... I recommend the CMO Kit highly it brings long lasting relief. I have regained my freedom! I just wanted to express my gratitude for your wonderful product in this letter as I promised I would when we spoke on the phone. The CMO Kit kept its promise so I am keeping mine."

Vicky B

Distributor & Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

Distributor Services

We can provide you with everything you need from pricing by the single case for standard label product, or custom private labeling starting at a 2 case minimum. Whether you are a domestic “mom and pop” distributor taking advantage of case pricing and small quantity private labeling or you want to import to foreign nations, we have the experience and expertise to help you reach your goals.

Wholesale Services

We have 26 years experience supplying finished products and raw materials for manufacturing around the world. We can provide bulk bottled CMO or Ceraflex with private labels and custom formulas. Also bulk capsules, tablets, powder for encapsulation and raw material CMO Wax for creams.  We've helped foreign wholesale clients with regulatory approvals and logistics in 44 counties.

Private Label

Our standard product labels have our contact info.

Distributor labels with your contact information available for orders of 24 bottles or more. For smaller orders, standard labels with blank area for your contact info sticker. Use with Avery # 5167 address stickers.

Private labels with your art design are available for orders of 2 cases (12 bottles/case) or more.