What is CMO and what is it made from?

The active ingredients in CMO Powder are a naturally associated group of cetylated fatty acids (CFA) that have been extracted from US beef tallow.  It would be best to describe the extraction processes as closely resembling the existing techniques of fatty acid extraction used in hydrolysis and esterification.  The tallow is specially processed with heat and pressure to remove unwanted substances. The glycerin and moisture are removed through hydrolysis. The resulting product is esterified to produce a waxy extract – this solid is CMO and the primary group of CFAs are cetyl myristoleate, cetyl myristate and cetyl oleate. 

Because it is a wax, it is unusable for bottling or encapsulation.  The CMO wax is then blended with cornstarch and silica as excipients . These processes include liquefaction, high speed shearing and milling to blend in the excipients. This produces a free flowing powder that is ready for encapsulation.  Magnesium amino acid chelate and calcium citrate are added before encapsulation.